• Sensory-motor feeding disorders
  • Breast/bottle feeding difficulties – due to structural or motor based issues
  • Difficulty transitioning to pureed foods
  • Difficulty transitioning to solid foods
  • Children with Limited food repertoire
  • Transitioning from enteral (e.g. nasogastric tube, jejnuostomy tube or gastric tube) to oral feeding
  • Pocketing food during mealtime
  • Transition tube feeders to oral eaters as medically appropriate
  • Gagging caused by sensory challenges
  • Behavioral feeding disorder secondary to sensory-motor issues
  • Failure to Thrive (FTT)




Oral Placement Disorders is characterized by the child's inability to imitate target sounds when given visual and auditory prompting to imitate. The child also presents with the inability to follow specific directions in order to produce the sounds (i.e. putyour lips together).

Childhood Apraxia of speech

Apraxia is a motor planning disorder characterized by a struggle to produce the precise sequence of movements needed for speech. 


Dysarthria is a speech disorder characterized by reduced strength stability, dissociation, and grading of oral movements needed for intelligible speech. 

Phonological Disorders

Phonological Disorders are characterized by substitutions, omissions, or distortions of sounds, which are linguistic, rather than muscle based. 

Myofunctional Disorders (Tongue Thrust)

Tongue thrust, or reverse swallow, is characterized by protrusion of the tongue against the teeth at rest, during swallowing, or during speech production.

Resonance Disorders

Resonance disorders occur when the velum does not direct the air from our lungs into the proper oral or nasal part of the pharynx. The direction of our airflow is controlled by our velum (or soft palate). Improper velum function can be caused by, an anatomical defect (i.e. cleft palate), a neurological issue, or a mislearning of how to use the velum.

We also work with children who have been diagnosed with:

  • Genetic Syndromes (i.e., Down Syndrome, Pierre Robin Sequence, SMA, SLO)
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Seizure Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Craniofacial Disorders (i.e. cleft lip and palate)